Public communication work off recent article – more impact than expected…

We’re still getting press inquiries but nearly a month post-publication, this article has resonated, and motivating me to keep engaging in conversations with the sharp questions and interest of the press, both here in the U.S. and internationally. Making work clear, interpretable, and relevant for every day life, schools, families, communities is hard but rewarding. And now back to getting the more recent papers out the door and into folks’ hands…. @samnixmills @kat06g @FSUeducation @FSUSociology

2017: Coverage of Frontiers in Psychology article “Gendered Pathways: How Mathematics Ability Beliefs Shape Secondary and Postsecondary Course and Degree Field Choices”: (Altmetric info here; currently in top 5% of all research outputs scored by Altmetric)

* As we note in the paper, this work was conducted with the support of others, making it especially important to extend its impact. I have also benefited from an emerging scholars communication training sponsored by @AERA_EdResearch & @hechingerreport institute

During the writing of this and the prior manuscript, LP and SN were supported by Florida State University’s Center for Postsecondary Success, and all three authors have been supported by the same university’s Center for Higher Education Research Teaching and Innovation. In addition, LP received funding support as a co-Investigator on National Science Foundation grant #1232139 during the development and completion of the prior manuscript.

The authors would additionally like to thank the Florida State University Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program and the support of their students during the development of this manuscript: Devin Sapp, Abigail Smith, and especially Valeria Rigobon.