STEM Equity and Education Links

* There has been incredible growth since I first started this page in 2016. This is not a comprehensive nor regularly updated list of resources. *

Accessible activities, camps, opportunities
STEM for kids! Things you can try at home
Sites, programs, and MOOCs teaching coding for free
STEM summer camps near you – often low-cost and/or offering financial aid
Black Girls Code – blog, programs, additional resources on social media
Girls Who Code – resources for schools, parents, and students
SciGirls camps, shows, site for middle and high school girls

Guides and strategies for accessing STEM skills and opportunities
Computer and STEM Careers Information
Guides to using and building robots, for children, families, and teachers
Links and tips for getting girls involved in STEM
Role Models – women in STEM – #GiveGirlsRoleModels

Movies and shows about science and scientists, with diverse scientists – not a complete list!
AnneDroids – female lead, diverse cast, robotics – my son discovered & binge-watched this show at age 8
Big Hero 6 – animated film about making robots, engineering, university-based

Black Panther and Wakanda Forever – engineering and computer science, with powerful and diverse representation
Contact – woman SETI scientist as lead, set in Puerto Rico
Gravity – biomedical engineer as space super heroine
Hidden Figures – historical biopic about ‘hidden’ role of black female mathematicians and scientists in space program, computing field
The Martian – computer science, chemistry, engineering, physics, and more
SciGirls – Science and Math learning; focus on building and sustaining girls’ interest

STEM movie and TV recommendations (Octane Seating)

Feel free send more suggestions my way! Happy to share and post when able, after reviewing.


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