“Invisible Barriers in STEM Education” on Scholars Strategy Network’s No Jargon podcast. Full episode for streaming and download, associated resources, and automated transcript available at the episode link: 

“Stoking the Fire of Equity: Kindness, Humanity and Science.” See also discussion guide, transcript, and audio


On affirmative action: “Harvard case could represent the end of race in college admissions” – October 23, 2018 – published on The Conversation; republished on, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, etc.

On the gender STEM gap: “The key to fixing the gender gap in math and science: Boost women’s confidence” – November 27, 2018 – published on The Conversation; republished on, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, etc.


On STEM interest and major choice: Brookshire, B. (2017). Science classroom excitement is infectious. Retrieved from Science News for Students.

On gender in computing and engineering fields: AAUW Webinar 3/31/17 with K. Buse and R. Hughes.

On gender, career aspirations, and leadership: Payne, K. (2016). What Does Clinton’s Historic Nomination Mean For The Next Generation? Retrieved from WFSU News, Tallahassee, FL:

On school quality: Bernardo, R. (2016). 2016’s States with the Best & Worst School Systems. WalletHub. Retrieved from website: ; Reference material was not included in the main article but is available here.

COVERAGE OF RESEARCH FINDINGS (not updated since 2019)

2019: Coverage in general.

2017: Coverage of Frontiers in Psychology article “Gendered Pathways: How Mathematics Ability Beliefs Shape Secondary and Postsecondary Course and Degree Field Choices”: (Altmetric info here; currently in top 5% of all research outputs scored by Altmetric)

2015: Coverage of Teachers College Record articlePerceptions and Resilience in Underrepresented Students’ Pathways to College”:

2015: WXTL-TV ABC 27 Interview on STEM Education. In north Florida/south Georgia, watch @abc27 TV, Aug 20 between 615 & 7am. Clip and associated story viewable here at this link.


2015: Coverage of “Perceived mathematical ability under challenge: a longitudinal perspective on sex segregation among STEM degree fields”:

* Google translate is useful for foreign-language articles.


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