Mostly on work-life balance, here are some stories and advice for fellow junior and emerging scholars, especially women, underrepresented minorities, and parents.

Fall 2015 – FSU NASPA Student Affairs “A Day in the Life,” compiled by one of my Higher Ed Masters’ students – the amazing Kate Morales — and featuring Higher Ed doctoral students Danté Pelzer and Lori Vaughn — as well as other fabulous professionals in the FSU Division of Student Affairs. My profile is on pages 11-12, and focuses on work-life balance for scholars with young children. See also the pdf to that story at this link: Day in the Life_2015_Perez-Felkner. The entire story can be read here.

2013: Lara Perez-Felkner: Researching Women in STEM, by Emily Hudson. pp. 27-30. The Torch, 2013 edition.

2012: “Las Mujeres de UChicago: Strong Women Making a Difference” Part 4: Lara Perez-Felkner


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