My Research Team – Alumni

Research Staff and Mentees

  • Current graduate students
  • Former graduate students
  • Former undergraduate students

 Former Graduate Students


Kirby Thomas completed her PhD in Sociology at Florida State University and served as a research assistant under Dr. Lara Perez-Felkner in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. She received her Master of Science in Sociology in Fall 2012 from Florida State University. Kirby’s research interests include sociology of education and sociology of law/criminal justice. Her dissertation uses growth curves to examine the effects of parental incarceration on health during the transition to adulthood. Other projects submitted for publication include examining political and economic determinants of state-level teacher pay legislation and the effect of college type on gender and racial gaps in STEM degrees. Kirby was nominated for a University Teaching Award in Fall 2012, and has assumed several leadership roles such as serving as president of the Sociology Graduate Student Union in Spring 2014 and as the mentor coordinator for new graduate students in Fall 2014. She is now an educational policy analyst at the Florida Department of Education.

Former Graduate Student • Ph.D. • Sociology

Former Undergraduate Students (2014-current)

  • Mitchell D’Sa (B.S., M.S., Economics, FSU)
  • Jordan Hopkins (B.S., Statistics, FSU)
  • Melissa Magalhaes (B.A., International Affairs, FSU; now a Masters’ student in International Relations)
  • Richea Osei (B.A., International Affairs, FSU)
  • Valeria Rigobon (B.A., International Affairs, FSU; now a Ph.D. student in Psychology)
  • Devin Sapp (B.A., Psychology, FSU; now a Masters’ student in Psychology)